Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Treasury Tuesday: Beach Tones 3

I want to go to there...

Something about these colors, right?  It must just be that time of the year but this collection just looked so cool, cozy and clean that I wanted to be there already!

This week's Treasury is gorgeous and from Ms. Brandi at Beata Viscera Design.  She has a knack for curating gorgeous treasuries (see Beach Tones 1 & 2) and makes beautiful jewelry like this flower necklace.

Remember to click the photo below to be transported to the world of Etsy and favorite this Treasury, leave a comment and even click on these photos to go buy it if you like it.  Please do yourself a favor and look at all of Brandi's other treasuries.  I did and I seriously think I'd like to feature them all.  We'll see..

But for now, here is "Beach Tones 3".  After looking at it you'll think you should be dressed in all white with some nude sandals on a white sand beach with a big straw hat, in a hammock, sipping something cool.  Wait, maybe that's just me...

1-What inspired the theme?

It started with my first "Beach Tones" treasury, which itself started with an Etsy search results page that happened to feature two lovely beach-themed items that shared the same color scheme. That treasury came together so well that I decided to do a whole series in different colors.

2- What about the photos caught your eye?

Their composition, their use of space, their color and their overall quality. When adding images of prints to the treasury, I looked for prints that had a sort of aged, dreamy look to them.

3- Why do you like making treasuries?

I can't really put my finger on why. There's just something satisfying about collecting and arranging nice images of nice stuff, I guess.

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