Saturday, July 7, 2012

Keeping Cool: Iced Mint Mocha

We're having a heat wave....  (a tropical heat wave..)  Sing with me!!

Man, it's been a hot one.  To keep cool, I've been sipping this in the afternoon.

I use Decaf.  It's what I have and better for me in the afternoon.  But, use what you want.

I use a stovetop espresso maker.  Use as you should:  water to below gauge, 3 full tbs. of ground espresso, tap down lightly.  Let it cook until the noisiness subsides.  I usually peek in to see that it's done spitting.
That big white pitcher would be fresh farm milk from a friend.  Yeah, we're spoiled here.
In a fun glass, add some cold milk, chocolate syrup and mint syrup to taste.  Then I pour in @ 2 oz of espresso.  Stir, add ice.  The fun part is that you can add more or less of whatever you want until it tastes like you want it to.

I can tell you another thing.  If you grow mint, make your own syrup.  I used 1 cup of water, 1 cup of sugar.  Cook on stove on high until it is all dissolved.  Add in a big bunch of mint.  I tear it up some because we all know that the oil is released from the herb when it's cut or torn.  Throw it in and let it sit for at least an hour, it's totally chilled or over night if you wanna.  Drain through fine mesh sieve and viola!  Mint syrup.  Great in tea, lemonade, on ice cream, hot chocolate, whatever you're feeling.  I store mine in a ball jar because I have them to spare.

Also, I make my own chocolate syrup.  Not kidding.  I found this recipe on Pinterest so I will share the link, but I can tell you while making it I thought to myself, "this sounds familiar".  Basically, if you have a can of hershey's cocoa in the cabinet, follow the directions there for a pot of hot chocolate, just don't add the milk.  DO add the vanilla.  Let it cool and you've got it.  Mine is stored in a ball jar in the fridge.  It is just like buying hershey's syrup but it's fresher and without high fructose corn syrup, preservatives and whatever else they're going to stick in it.  It's amazing on vanilla ice cream.  But, I'll share THAT recipe later.

Until then, stay cool, friends.

Chocolate syrup link here.

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