Thursday, July 12, 2012

Be Creative: Machine Appliqué Tee

This is my first project from my book Stitch by Stitch: Learning to Sew, One Project at a Time

I thought this could be a fun one and I had some material around.  I had some old Beatles material I bought a few years ago.  I bought a t-shirt from JoAnn's.  Nothing fancy here.  But, my husband plays in a Beatles' cover band (Sixty-Four) and thought this would be fun to wear to some gigs.

I felt like a rock star as I bought webbing, stabilizer, etc.  Then, I cut a free hand heart that I thought looked really nice.  I was able to easily attach it and was so proud of myself. 

I started to stitch it as it said and then, ALL HELL BROKE LOSE....  Ha.  It really did.  You should have seen me.  First, I started stitching with the settings that she gave me for my sewing machine.  Even pulled out the manual to make sure of how to set it.  But, for some reason, the feeder didn't work.  It wouldn't pull the fabric through.  At least four times it would just stitch in the same spot.  So, I'd rip out the thread and start over.

Yep.  Lots of thread.  For some reason, it would feed if the foot was up.  No idea why.  I looked at her photos and in all of them it appeared the foot was up so I thought this must be how she intends me to do it.  This is not fun.  And, not accurate and it kept looking like someone was eating the thread.   I don't know why I had trouble and there is probably a simple answer that I'm just not smart enough to know.  But, I didn't expect this much trouble out of the FIRST project in this "learn to sew" book.  I struggled for awhile.  I got frustrated because I realized that I didn't buy iron on stabilizer like she used so mine kept ripping up.  Eventually, I decided to use a different stitch she suggested if you didn't have the other and I started to get somewhere.  But, I still didn't put the foot down which I now realize was STUPID.

 I soon realized this was going to look raggedy and I went with it.  Oh well", I said and just began to stitch it and in some cases, stitch it closed since I had ripped out so much thread that there were at least 2 holes ripped into my t-shirt.  Heaven help me.  At least I know that Madi will grow out of it faster than I'll get sick of looking at it.  That being a plus for the first time ever.

Oh, and there was even more thread to have to come out.  Seriously...  KILL ME..

But now isn't this the whole reason that I worked so hard?  To see her fake a smile and wear the dang thing with beaming pride?  She loves her Beatles' shirt and even has a hair clip I made to go with it.  Soon, I will post a photo of the whole ensemble, but until then, please feel free to enjoy this one!

Happy &**%)*^&^%%-ing Sewing!

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