Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vacation Knitting

You may have seen these before. Ive made one pair before but this time I wanted to use the actual yarn the pattern called for. It did make a difference and might be my new favorite sock yarn. Love it.
These are Turkish Bed Socks. I had wanted to make a slipper type sock/shoe. I picked two patterns to try and this is the first. (I guess I should get to knitting the other shoe soon). I love these. They are cozy and comfortable and are great for clogs (crocs) as they say. This yarn is soft and cozy. You will love it. They knit up quick. I really didn't have much time to knit but was wearing them in the car on the way home. You will love them.

Yarn is Koigu KPPPM.
I found it at my local yarn shop, Haus of Yarn.
But you can buy it online too. Great stuff.
And, here is a link to the pattern. It's pretty easy to follow though Seaming the yarn and casting on the instep can be a bit confusing. I wouldn't break the yarn but attach new yarn for the seams, then continue with your work. I'd rather the knots be at the heels. I'd read it a few times until you know exactly what you're doing. Otherwise the rest of the pattern is simple. (I think it's non descript in its wording)
Here it is PATTERN

When you make some, post your pics here for us to see!
Can't wait. You shouldn't either. You will want them for this Fall. They are surprisingly warm in winter. I promise.

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