Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Treasury Tuesday: A Tiffany Blue Kind of Day

I have another inspirational Treasury to show you today.  Lots of fun things to click and look at and I hope that you do.

This Treasury was curated by Stacy Forrest of Simply Green Designs.  She focuses on making things more "green" which I love and that means some recycled products, crocheted dish/wash cloths and even some handmade cards.  My favorites?  You MUST see how this gal recycles magazines.  You can wear them and give them.  Check her out!

I loved the blue here.  Isn't it obvious?  To me, it screamed clean, bright and shiny!  Loved it instantly.  Again, these things are not so easy to create.  There is definitely a creativity to it and I don't just pick any one.

So, here is a bit of my interview with her.  Hope you enjoy!
And, remember to click on the photo to go to the site where you can favorite this treasury, leave her happy comments and go shopping for all the amazing things listed.  See ya.

(RMM): What inspired the theme?

(S): To me The Tiffany blue / music sheet hearts garland was my inspiration. I thought this piece was gorgeous and needed to be shared.


(RMM): What about the photos caught your eye?

(S): All of the pieces in this particular treasury were chosen because of
the way that they pop out and catch your eye. It's almost an electric feeling blue so it just makes you want to sit and absorb its energy.

(RMM): Why do you like making treasuries?

(S): I love to make treasuries because it expresses who I am and what I enjoy. If I am having a cheerful, sunny day I can make a treasury filled with bold, multi-color pieces. If my day is feeling artistic and dramatic, there are plenty of pieces to fit that mood as well. I just enjoy having fun with it and finding all of the amazing works that Etsians create every day!

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