Saturday, June 16, 2012

Travelling the Heart of Minnesota: Hackensack Pt. 2

There are only about 2 stores there I didn't get to.  There is a General Store across from the playground that has everything!  It's like a Dollar store but has things for the beach, an entire aisle of fun for the kids, cheap sandals and lots of souvenirs.  We even bought me a cool sweatshirt to take home.  The lady there is very nice as well.  Loons Unlimited is a great gift shop.  They carry Minnetonka Moccasins if you like.  I found some local soap there and some hand lotion.  They had a deal that if you bought a soap lift, then you received 20% off of soap.  I'd never seen a plastic mesh soap lift like this and wanted to try it.  Very cool, don't ya think?

Then, the soap is a local Minnesota maker, Sunleaf Naturals.  I bought the Orange Ginger Shampoo and Body Soap.  They are made with organic shea butter and smell amazing!  Very silky going on.  Check out the site because they offer all kinds of flavors as well as reed diffusers and other fun things.  Also, you can see that she has some Whole Foods Markets selling them throughout the country, so they might be closer to you than you think.

The last item I purchased is actually based in Georgia, but smelled so yummy I couldn't resist.  Caren lotion.  I bought the "tropical" scent and a travel size at that.  It goes on so thick and creamy so you know it's truly moisturizing but dries up and leaves no greasy film.  I was bummed to go back and decide I didn't love any other fragrance, though.  But, knowing it was closer to home, I figured I'd wait to buy more.  It's amazing.  They have an entire website of all kinds of items and they donate some of the profits to breast cancer research, so Yeah!!

Sylvia's Attic was my last stop.  This was much more mystical.  Ha.  Lots of stones, rocks and jewelry made out of them.  Most all the products there are made by her team.  Something I'd love to do someday.  Open a shop and let all my creative buddies sell there.  Wouldn't that be amazing??  Well, I saw some of the coolest crocheted scrubbies I've ever seen.  Really.  Handcrafted fun everywhere.  Sadly, the one thing I bought was brought in.  Ha.  The Skinny Dip Candle.  I actually bought a "skinny mini" which is basically a travel size, soy based candle.  Well they call it a "4 in 1, candle, body lotion, massage oil, body balm".  Not kidding.  Basically, you can light it and blow it out and use some of the cooled liquid for whatever.  I prefer to use it as a cuticle balm.  Which means, I don't plan to light it.  I bought the Pomegranate & Fig scent and it smells heavenly.  I might just light it someday..
Anyway, lots of fun in a teeny little town, right?  Lots to talk about.  I have more about the bigger towns around here.  Stay tuned...

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