Saturday, June 23, 2012

From the East Side: Barista Parlor

A new coffee shop on the East Side?  Just what we need, right?  Yep!  We do, Sir.

I have been out of the loop a lot lately so I was surprised when I heard this was open.  I didn't even know it was coming.  Ha.  So, I got nosey and wanted to check it out.  One morning, Madison and I snuck away to have some coffee and breakfast.  (well, I had coffee)

We arrived at 9:30 am.  I wasn't too impressed with the location and didn't really know what to expect.  When I first walked in, it was quiet and slow.  Not a lot of folks around.  Just a few peeps looking up to see the lady coming in with the toddler as they're busy on their laptops.  The look inside is very industrial and open.  On one hand, it can feel like a cafeteria but on the other, I like the open atmosphere.  Including where the counter is, the baristas work, etc.  They're in the center of the room, open to all and for all to see.  I kind of liked that.  I love the reclaimed wood benches, chairs and really how everything was made specifically for this store, this location and this moment.  No manufactured cookie cutter look to this at all.  And, I've never seen a coffee shop with so much floor space and so open as I said earlier that this one is.  Also, the picture below shows the mural by Bryce McCloud.  Pretty amazing.

The guy who took my order was very sweet and helpful since I wasn't quite sure what to get.  Normally, I would have gotten something simple like an Americano or coffee just to taste theirs but "house made vanilla" got my attention.  I'm not a syrup gal in my coffee because they have a chemical taste to me that I don't enjoy.  But, since this was house made I thought I'd try it.  I was sad because they were out of the sausage and biscuit sandwich at the moment but we HAD to get a waffle then.  Life is rough.  They gave us this hilarious guy as our table marker.  This made me AND Madi laugh.  Took me a minute, but the barista delivering my drink showed me that there are holes built into the tables for these.  Ha.

My drink came out and it was very pretty.  They're really great at those foam designs and I realize and understand from my 7 years at Starbucks that this is a completely different deal then my background.  I have no ability to make these things or froth the foam the way they do.  It's definitely an artisan form of coffee that is newer for me.  So weird because at one time, Starbucks was probably considered "artisan".  Not anymore.  Oh well, times change.  Ha.

Back to the drink, the syrup was very tasty.  The drink wasn't too sweet and very smooth and creamy.  Perfect as far as flavor.  My only negative was that I wish it were a little hotter.  It was perfect to drink right away which is desirable but then I feel it gets cold too fast.  I can't leisurely drink it.  Will this stop me from going?  No.  Will this stop me from ordering again?  No.  It could have just been the one barista, drink, who knows?  I will try try again and at worst case scenario, I will request the milk to be hotter.  Very good drink!  And, look how pretty!  (by the way, I've not even mentioned the adorable mugs with the awesome label on them.  Too cute)

The waffle was delivered a bit later by a very nice man who offered to bring out some berries for Madison.  He ended up bringing out some whipped cream and berries.  Yowza!  That made someone very happy.  And, Momma (me) appreciated the nod to kids.  We all know what it can feel like to take our toddler to some of these local, hip hangs.  Thanks, BP!

Here is what the waffle looked like when it arrived.  And, by the way, yes, they use all of this beautiful mix matched china.  So fun.  I love the idea.

Oh, and can you see the cute little shot glass size mug for the warm syrup.  Yep, too cute.  I'm not sure who is cooking the waffles.  I know that Porter Road Butcher is providing the sausage (and bacon for the new BLT with their new extended hours and food..  yum) but they were great. The waffle was perfectly crunchy, flaky, warm and buttery.  It wasn't too heavy at all and with all the sugar we had there, we didn't leave with that (ugh) feeling.  There was a bit of a vanilla flavor to the waffle too.  Yum.  Really great.  A little pricey, don't think these are diner prices.  It's not a diner.  But, I still thought it was great for a nice treat.  Saturday morning fun?  Huh?

You can buy many logo holding mugs, etc., coffee presses and makers and all coffee accessories.

Wait.  How did this shot get in there?  Um, yeah, so we ate it all.  Sorry.  I would've saved you some, but the berries would've gone bad.  Oh, check out the mason jar glasses for water.  Not too shabby.

We were really happy when we were done.  As you can see.
Now, here is there iced coffee contraption.  This is for slow brewed cold coffee (can take up to 12 hours).  I will have to try that next time!
Check out Barista Parlor anytime online at for newest hours, items available daily and other things, find them on twitter at

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