Friday, May 11, 2012

What's a girl to do?

Well, my big event I've been cramming for since Christmas, fEASTival Nashville has been postponed.  UGH!  That's what I thought!

See, for some reason, there is major construction going on around here and every weekend for about 14 weeks, the entrances/exits to the highway all surrounding East Nash will be shut down.  It seems crazy, there are other ways of getting in and around, but if you're not from this part of town it just seems that it's all closed.

This has sadly had an affect already on local businesses and the festival chairs are afraid this could hurt our grand affair.  Rightly so, but still no less a bummer.

As I've been grumbling and sad, I'm starting to see something here.  With this pushed to Fall and my bible study class ending, it seems I've been given something I haven't had for a bit.  Summer vacation!  yeah, I feel for the first time in years that a season has come to an end and I just have to enjoy myself and wait to see what the Fall has.  I'm sure I'll craft and create but there are so many home projects I've put off as I've been "working" my fingers to the bone.  So, now I'm taking a few weeks off (for sure) then I'll start thinking again about what to create.  But, I could use a few weeks of slowing down.

If I had a pool, you'd find me there.  Instead, I'll shop, play with Madi, blow bubbles, take walks and picnic in the backyard.  Sounds good to me.

fEASTival Nashville Website

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