Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Treasury Tuesday: Whole Lotta Love

Hello!  Here is a new post that I'm going to do called "Treasury Tuesday".  You will be introduced to a new Etsy Treasury and get to know a bit about the designer.

So, here we go.
This week's Treasury is called "Whole Lotta Love" and its curator is Caroline V. from looneyjoontees
I chose this one because the colors, pictures and items all caught my eye.  I thought it was fun, so if you do too, favorite it on Etsy.  You can also click around and see some of the shops featured.  Great stuff.

Here is my small interview with Caroline V.

(Me)  What inspired the theme?

(CV)  I am a huge Led Zeppelin fan, and I had the song "Whole Lotta Love" in my head :)

(Me)  What about the photos caught your eye?

(CV)  I like to look at all angles and composition in photography.  I also love bold and unique color combos.  For this specific theme, I tried to find some symbol of "love" in every picture!

(Me)  Why do you enjoy making treasuries?

(CV)  As an artist, treasuries are another great way to express unique ideas and fun themes.  They are also a great way to promote other shops and gain some self-promotion as well.

Thanks so much CV for answering my questions, being creative and letting others see it!  Good luck to you in all you do and thanks for being my first guinea pig!  Ha.  

Go, check it out.  Click and favorite.  Show it some "love".


  1. So awesome!! This was a lot of fun :)
    Thank you for featuring me!

  2. Had fun. Love the treasury. Thanks for answering my questions.


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