Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Treasury Tuesday: The Sun Shone Down On Friendship

That is a mouthful.  It's that time of the week where we take a second to check out someone else's creativity and maybe do a bit of shopping.

This week's treasury is from Malta, Europe.  I had no idea of all the exotic locales as I started doing this.  Too fun, right?  That inter web net thingy is pretty crazy..

So, this is called "The Sun Shone Down on Friendship".  The curator is Martina from Malta, Europe.  Martina has her own Etsy shop, Marpesia & Co. where she creates gorgeous jewelry just for you.  You should check it out.  Her treasury is very bright and sunny.  That's what I loved about it.  It has a retro cheery flair that I loved.  It caught my eye instantly.  I hope that you love it too.

Remember, click on the photo to take you to the link.  There you can click at all the fun things you want to know more about.  You can leave a sweet comment about how much you love it and you can favorite it and share it on all your social channels.  Also, you can do us the honor of sharing this blog post to all your social media pals too.  Then they can read the fun interview and get to know the artist better.  Here we go..

(RMM)  What inspired the theme?
(M)  Many of my friends live abroad and I do miss them so much but recently many of them have been visiting. I've been happily relaxing by the sea in the sun with people I love and miss.

(RMM)  What about the photos caught your eye?

(M)   I started by looking at colour and decided to pick the colours of the sun and sea and have everything bathed in a summer glow and make it feel as warm as friendship is. I then moved on to picking items which bring to mind friendship. For example the ABC refers to friends I've had since I was a child, a phone to those who live abroad, a watering can because all friendship grow as they are nurtured.

(RMM)  Why do you like making treasuries?

(M)   I LOVE making treasuries. Apart from getting to see all the wonderful and creative things people come up with, create and invent and help promote people with similar aspirations as myself, it is a fun excercise in creativity. My room is really one big treasury. I've collected postcards and pictures for years and stick them on my furniture like a collage and I love mixed and matching themes and colours. So treasury lists are like extensions of my room without the tack!!


  1. Thanks so much for the feature. This was such a very meaningful treasury for me. The internet web thing is fantastic!

  2. Ha. Yep! The treasury is beautiful. I just love seeing the photo on my blog page.


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