Monday, May 14, 2012

Testing 1,2,3... Is this thing on?

Can you hear me out there? This blog world is hard. Sometimes I feel that nobody is listening. That seems to present itself when I have a giveaway and nobody wants to claim the prize. Hmm I say. Then I think well, maybe I should stop writing. It is a bit crazy if nobody is listening. But then I look at my stats. You wouldn't believe how many of you looked at my blog last month especially when I've had maybe 5 comments ever on this blog. I've had other things to give away but am a bit embarrassed since it doesn't garner much support. Ha.

So I'm just writing to ask, "are you out there?". It seems that you're not. Either that or you just don't like talking. Even last week I asked a question and you were all pretty quiet.

Well for now I guess I will continue to talk even if to myself. Until people start to stare and point. I just can't take that!

1 comment:

  1. Lauri, I do read your posts. I just don't take the time comment. Keep writing. Keep posting. Keep talking. You may never know what a difference you've made or what a help you've been but it doesn't make the difference or help any less significant. It still happened whether you know it or not.

    As for people pointing and staring . . . you know what it means if people are pointing and staring at you, right? It means that you are the most exciting thing that is happening in their lives at that moment. They have nothing else to do or think about. Again, you don't want to deprive someone of the only excitement they may get in the course of a day, do you? You have good things to say and talents to share and a beautiful family that we all enjoy hearing about. Keep at it, sister.


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