Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gotta Have: Busy Mom's Everyday Bag

Dooney & Bourke Dillen II Large Satchel
I've searched and searched. Trying to find something that would work for me.

I wanted something that I could run errands with, run to lunch, put my book, bible and iPad in as well as my stuff, Madi's things, etc.  And, I think I found it.

#1- I wanted it to be functional and not TOO heavy.

Come on, you know if I want to carry all of that, it's gonna be heavy, but this has soft leather that will mold to you.  I have another D&B purse that was a harder leather and just stuck out and banged into everything.  Even with it's cross body strap.

#2- I wanted a cross body strap.  Because I'm not a celebrity mom and have to do a lot of tracking, carrying everything.  So, I wanted the option to fling it over me if I wanted to.  This has a great one.  Good leather and if it breaks, they'll fix it.

#3- It had to look nice.  I've got crappy purses, decent purses and bags for Madi that are super casual.  I wanted something that could weather anything, any look, any season and not look like I'm an unstylish old woman.  I feel that I'm in between right now.  Don't want to use a huge diaper bag since most of what is in it is for "just in case" and it's never used.  So, I just needed something to stash a few of her things in because she still needs "things".

This is what I found and so far, I love it.  I have my things in it so I can grab it and go.  I basically have a bag with makeup/necessities and my big grown up wallet I just bought for all my cards and cash, receipts and store cards, punch cards, coupons, etc.  I have a sunglass case, a notebook, a compact, some tissues and a bottle of perfume.  These are the "loose" items.  When I need to bring Madi's stuff, I turn them to standing on end where they can easily be grabbed and her stuff fits on the other half of the purse.  Her stuff is a travel case of wipes, a bag with a foldable potty seat in it and a bib.  So you know, I've also stashed her snack bowl and water bottle in this as well.  I'm not kidding!  It holds a ton.  And, I can reach everything.

There is a cord inside with a key hook so they don't sink to the bottom and I'm not left digging.  There are pockets on the outside to stash whatever Madi hands me and there is a spot for my phone inside (my other D&B doesn't have that).

Why am I telling you about this purse?  Because I searched for months.  I looked up celebrity mom's.  Mom bags, celebrity mom bag, stylish mom bag, everyday mom bag, celebrities running errands with their kids, whatever!  Just to see what type of purses were out there and being used when you're out running errands and on the go.  What did I find?  Nothing.  So, here is my recommendation.  You need a bag for every day?  Something you don't have to think about but can get the job done and make you feel good?  Get it!  I will tell you I truly wanted to look at Coach but didn't find anything.  The Madison is similar to this but not as big and the strap is much more wimpy and not very long.  Bummer.

You can get this anywhere really.  I'd try to get a deal.  Macy's just had one and I think it's over but they do it around Christmas I think too.  Friends and Family.  It's 25% off and you can use it on designer purses.  You can't use their other coupons on them usually.  So, look into it.  You might find one on ebay as well.  Not sure it'll be much cheaper and I wanted to make sure it was brand new.  It's not like me to spend more than $50 on a purse and if I do, it better last forever.  This one retails at $298.  That's a lot of cash.  And, it's all leather.  They have it in Nylon which would be (a) lighter, (b) cheaper.  It's still over my $50 so I'd rather invest in the leather.  Up to you.  **Another tip:  Sign up for emails from D&B and you'll be kept up with the latest.  They have a LOT of purses on special every month, = @ 25% off.  I checked!**

Anyway, happy shopping!  (would make a Mom happy this Mother's Day)

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