Thursday, May 17, 2012

Estate Sale and Roadside Picks

I'm already at it.  Checking out sales, shops, etc.  Trying to find great bargains or someone else's lost treasures.  I don't have too many specifics that I need right now.  A few, but mostly I'm just looking to see if something catches my eye.

This first number was just a little stool at an estate sale.  No big deal.  $10, solid wood, good build.  Most plastic ones in the stores are $10 so I thought this was a good deal.  I will easily paint it a fun color for Madi's play room upstairs.  Or possibly a second for down.  Not sure yet.  At any rate, you'll see it later..

This was too cute to pass up.  A sweet little table and chairs set for Madi's dolls.  When she saw it she said, "for me?"  I said, "for your dolls".  She just lit up.  She loves it.  I also scored this at said garage sale for $10 and didn't intend to paint it.  Of course now that it is upstairs with the wood floors and walls, it might be getting a makeover too.  Not sure yet.  We will see..

And, finally, these two side tables.  Too fun.  These were from a small junk shop up the street from my house.  They have random things outside always.  About 3 folks showed up asking about these while I was there.  I didn't get to work them down any on price because they were selling them for someone else and they were giving me his lowest number.  $40 for the set.  I took them.  One has a damaged front leg and I noticed later that a few of the legs weren't perfect but had been painted so you couldn't tell.  But, I will deal with it later when I paint them.  Apparently, they are believed to be the drawers of an old vanity.  Sounds about right and there is a lighter "bar" along the back of both so it probably is true.  I thought they could be great in the guest room or painted and changed for Madi's big girl space.  Maybe pink, silver or white? With clear glass knobs?  Girlie them up a bit?  Well, all of this you'll have to wait to see.  But, I'll keep you posted.

Hope this encourages you in your finds.  Get out there and find out what is going on around you.  I'll tell you that I'm lazy.  If the sale isn't on the "east side" I don't go.  I try to look at pictures first if available.  But, my favorite thing is to go out early with the girls.  Too much fun.

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