Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Weekend View: How Did This Happen?

Oh how the years go by...
One day, I'm wondering if I'll ever have a child, next minute I'm pregnant.  Then, you have a baby, and BAM!  They're a full blown kid.  I tell you what, it's shocking how fast Madison is growing right now.  She's just gone up a size in everything and she is just huge!  Running around, talking nonstop.  It's like her brain has been on hold for the last 6 quiet months.  Now, it's an explosion of ideas, memory (shocking amount of memory) and enthusiasm like I've never seen.

It's inspirational, sad and humbling.  She is just so excited about everything and would live at the park.  Really, we have had the conversation about how she can't live there.  She has to live at home.  For now..

Anyway, here's to growth!  It IS Spring, right?  I should just go with it.

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