Friday, April 27, 2012

For Your Weekend Shopping!

Here is another gorgeous treasury I was blessed to be featured in.  Isn't it just pretty?  I think so.  Anyway, lots of fun stuff here for Mom.  And, did you know that Macy's is having their friends and family event right now?  You can save 25% on lots of things in the store.  My favorite being some designer purses.  Yeah.  I saved my pennies and took advantage of the sale myself this year.  It's a great deal and if you open a credit account (which I'm not too into but maybe you can pay it all off at once?) you save a bonus 20%.  I'm not advocating credit cards.  We don't have one and I didn't do it.  ("you mean you don't want to save that much more money?  You'd rather just pay the extra?" - woman at the store.  Why yes!  I would.)

Anyway, great gifts for Momma!

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