Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Busy Week

There is a lot going on this week and my busy little brain isn't coping. I have a few early mornings of running errands and Doctors that I have to do. Stephen has a gig this weekend which will be fun. I'm knitting, carding, clipping and creating up a storm (more in my head than I can accomplish for my event coming up in May. And the best part of all is a photography class this week. Yeah! I'm not sure what all I'll learn. They are a wedding photography team and it's supposed to be teaching you how to use the manual settings on your camera. I'm pretty good with my DSL but I have to admit that inside is not my strength. I have no idea how to take great shots inside without my flash. And I despise the flash so there is a lot of blurriness at the last few family get togethers.

One link called it a "momarazzi" class and I could use that too. I'm bummed when I think I have an awesome shot of Madi and it turns out blurry. You KNOW that doesn't come again. Frustrating. But after Sunday maybe I'll be a little bit better. Ha.

I'm of course hoping it helps with my Etsy site and sales. Something has to help that, right? We will see.
Anyway, here we go, week! Bring it on. Give me your best shot. As long as I'm still here on the other side I shall count myself blessed.

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