Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Be Creative: Sewing Project - New Pillow Case

Well, if you follow this blog at all, you'll know that I'm trying to get better at sewing.  Funny thing is, like everything else in my life the very thing I intend to do to make me better (read this step by step awesome book and complete the projects within) is what I'm NOT doing.

But, projects come along and I say "I can do that" and there we go.  Hours later, I'm like, "why can't I cut a straight line?" or "why is my hem so fat?" or "thank God, that LOOKS straight".  Anyway, this was no different.

Madison has a beautiful little pillow just perfect for her little head.  It was made for my husband when he was a babe (though we don't believe it was ever used) and gifted to us at Madi's birth.  I forgot I had it until a bit ago and I'm glad that I found it.  Madison loves it!  The pillow was actually made by Stephen's grandmother Mildred.  And, she made an adorable sheet, pillow case and quilt.  The sheet and case match.  The quilt is another Disney scheme altogether so I'm not sure if it was intended to all go together or not.  But, they are decorated with embroidery and cross stitch.  Just beautiful.  I've washed them probably more than I should and the pillow case was beginning to show wear.  Some of the stitches began coming out. Which is understandable considering its age but I don't want all of Grandma's work to be destroyed.  I can repair some (again thinking I can embroider) but I'd love Madison to have it to pass along.

This came up suddenly and I didn't feel that I had time to go look for fabric to match any sheets or anything because she can't be without it and I really didn't want to have to wash it again.  So, I grabbed some that I have collected since having her and got to work.

Now, I don't know what I'm doing and the pillow she made is similar to a travel size pillow.  Did you hear that she MADE the pillow?  It's a feather pillow.  Not kidding.  This woman was a seamstress so go with me here.  I figured I'd just copy her stitching.  It's just a rectangle, right?  Right!

So, I tried as hard as I could to cut straight lines (this fabric has squares on it so the Lord shone down on me with that one).  I ironed a lot.  I didn't measure any seams.  I know, not smart.  But, after ripping out a side several times, cutting up corners and trying to make all four corners perfect squares unlike the one rounded one I had, come to find out she also had one rounded corner.  Kill me.  Anyway, it was finished.  The inside seam is a bit fatter than I wish.  But, did you hear me?  It's finished! And, Madi seems to like it.  Does it match anything?  Nope.  But, we have all different colored sheets and blankets so it's bound to not clash with everything.  Heaven help us.  I need to leave the sewing machine alone.

By the way, she plays "sleep" on the floor.  She doesn't really SLEEP here.  ugh..

All this to say, "If I can do it.  You can do it better!"

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