Monday, February 27, 2012

My Weekend View: Anniversary, Warmth and Tables

This weekend was my Anniversary.  12 years!  Wow.

The weather here has been gorgeous.  So, Madi and I enjoyed a full day out.  A full day.  As in, if she wasn't asleep, she was outside.  Awesome.

Of course, later she became a bit sick (ugh) so she has stayed in the rest of the time.  Ha.  But, she had fun with our friend Kelley while Mommy and Daddy went out for dinner to celebrate.  We went to Mama Mia's off of Harding.  Yum!  That's some of the best Italian I've had here in town.  Coming from St. Louis I'm accustomed to yummy Italian but this was amazing.  The wait wasn't so fun mostly because there is no waiting area.  So, we crowded a poor table of folks with the door opening and closing and 12 others.  Ugh.  Definitely don't want to sit by the door!

But then we went to get my present.  A new kitchen table!  Yeah!  I have no problem at all getting these "house" type of gifts for anniversaries.  Why not?  It's not all about me anyway.  It's about us starting our lives together.  And, this was needed in our life.  We have never had our own kitchen table and I was never in love with the one we inherited.  So, out with the old (see it here) and in with the new.

Sorry, but my husband got it out so quickly that I didn't get a photo of it in the kitchen so I'm referring you to another post to see it in action.

This one is much smaller but just what I wanted.  And already my mind has moved to the empty space.  Ooh, photos for the wall, where will the tv go now and look at the cabinets I can buy to give me more storage.  Maybe even move some things out of the hall closet.  Right?

Hope you had a jam packed weekend as well.  Now, we are easing into the "sick".  Ugh.

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