Friday, February 3, 2012

Gotta Have: Enameled Cast Iron

Here it is!  One of my favorite birthday/christmas gifts.  I say that because I have no idea where the money came from.  It gets all jumbled.  I think it's for my birthday, we'll say from my husband!

I have wanted some enameled cast iron for a LONG time.  But, it is pricey and has fallen down on the list.  But, this year, I didn't really have a list.  So it fit perfectly.  Here's what happened.

I decided that I'd use some money and buy one at World Market.  I've looked there before.  First, Target had a red lodge 6 Qt dutch oven for $59.99.  World market had a red WM brand for $49.99 (5 Qt) and I had a $10 GC for my birthday there.  So, it only cost $43.  I brought it home and instantly wasn't so sure..  The handles were a little small.  Hmm, I thought.  Let me look up more info on the differences.

Well, I went to Amazon to look at reviews, what was there, etc. Saw a red 6 Qt. Lodge for $46. What?  For $3 more, it's bigger, with wider handles and I know the Lodge brand.  Let me tell you I was also concerned after buying the WM one because I didn't think about the plastic handle.  Can only withstand so much heat.  Well, one reviewer has owned Le Crueset and others and said that Lodge was the most similar.  He stated the biggest difference between it and a knock off (WM) was that the inner lid rim was black matte porcelain but on the others it would be plain cast iron.  Hmm..  Could rust..  Not sure about that.  He also stated there was a stainless knob you could purchase (Le Crueset brand) that perfectly fit the Lodge.  I found it, for $16 I thought, "at least I know it's there".  Let me think about this.

A couple days later and I decided I should buy the Lodge.  Going back to my Amazon wish list I found the red was now $69.  WHAT???  Apparently, this happens.  I saw the green was now the $46 one and went for it.  I'm so glad that I did.

2 things.  I love the green more than I thought I could.  The pamphlet does state that it is black matte porcelain, not exposed cast iron.  Whew!  AND (okay, 3 things) it came with a stainless steel handle.  WHAT?  That's right.

This is more than perfect.  I made Spaghetti sauce the other night and it worked great.  I needed this size.  I have a 5 piece cook set.  Stock pot, large/small fry, large/small pot.  That's it.  So, this is a great addition.

I hope that you get one of these.  They have a gorgeous look, yes.  But, they have the even, great cooking of a cast iron pan.  Happy Cooking!

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