Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fun Reads: Splat the Cat

Love kids books? I do!

Even before I was pregnant or even thinking about it Stephen and I went to a bookstore with a friend. This book caught my eye because of the gorgeous artwork. I am a sucker for it in books. Actually if adult books had such glorious eye candy I'd probably read more. Ha.

I remember flipping through every page and Stephen came by and asked if there was something he needed to know. It's the same thing in a paper store. I get sucked in by the pens and organizational stuff. He leaves me alone most of the time to just drool. I can be this way with kids books too. Who doesn't want to hang out in the kid department?

Back to Splat. I remember the story line because I though it was funny. This cat takes his best friend (a mouse) for show and tell having no idea that he's supposed to chase mice. Oops! So sweet.

When Madi was born I bought her the first Splat the Cat for her 6 month birthday present. Now it was way over her head then but I just wanted to have it. For Halloween I bought her Scaredy Cat Splat! Both so awesome. I'll say by her 2nd Halloween we got it out and she loved it. They are not board books but still the stories are awesome and Madi loves them. I had no idea the first book was published in 2008 and Madi was born in 2009. I can tell you he keeps churning these out and we can't keep up. I bought her Where's the Easter Bunny? For Easter last year. The cool thing about it is that it's a lift the flap book and Madi loves it. It's not hard back and she was rough on it so it's in bad shape but she loves the bunny and looking for Splat's ducks. Just this Christmas we got Merry Christmas, Splat and we are still reading it. She loves that he writes Santa a letter and then waits up to see him. It makes her giggle. Next I hope to get her Love, Splat! A fun Valentine's Day book. Very sweet.

There are no Splat board books to my knowledge. He does do the "I Can Read" series so if you're into that you should try them out.

I hope you're reading fun books to your kids. I hope you're plugging in to your local library or store storybook times. So fun.

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