Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun Reads: Read To Tiger

Madison received this book recently and she is in LOVE with it.

We have to read it almost every day and she has it so memorized that she can read it to me (trust me, I've recorded it).  Ha!

This is a cute, sweet book by S.J. Fore.  Apparently, this is the 2nd of the "Tiger" series.  But, we haven't read the first.  This is about a little boy who just wants to sit and read his book, but "Tiger" is very distracting and he can't seem to ever get into it.  Tiger is found chewing gum, riding on a train, practicing karate chops, anything to make noise and keep the little boy from reading his books.  There are many lines that repeat themselves throughout.  From "huh uh, tiger" or "oops" your little one will know what comes next and will love to help you read it.

Don't worry, the little boy finally gets the tiger quiet and can read.  Of course, he reads the book TO Tiger.

This is a great story.  Funny and creative.  WE love it and I hope that you do too.

Check out my "Current Reads" box below in the column to the right.  You'll find other things we are reading right now.  I'm sure you'll love them all.

I hope to be reading myself soon and hopefully, you'll find things for you down there too.  Ha.

By the way, I bought the first book "Tiger Can't Sleep" at a used book store.  It's very cute.  The poor boy doesn't get any sleep as the tiger finally comes to sleep in his bed and snores.  Very cute.  Madi really likes it.  So check it out too!

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