Wednesday, February 22, 2012

From the East Side: The Pharmacy

It's been awhile since I've done one of these.

I got to finally make it to The Pharmacy in East Nashville the other day.  This place is amazing.

I've heard so much about it and luckily got a chance to check it out myself.

They call themselves a burger parlor and beer garden.  Which makes sense. They have a bunch of amazing burgers to choose from as well as a very large drink menu.  The building itself was very cool.  I love when folks here take these old buildings and give them new life.  The space inside was rustic with some industrial elements.  Old "pharmacy" and "soda shop" inspired art hung on the walls from old newspaper clippings, pharmaceutical licenses or vintage coke ads, etc.  Very cool.  The place would be cold and dark if not for the wall of windows along the backside.  This houses a patio which has heaters for winter and is shielded from the elements.  Though, I have to say I can't wait to try out the yard.  There is a huge yard outside, lit up with picnic tables everywhere.  I'm assuming that will be awesome this summer.

I was excited to see the "phosphates" and "sodas" all made in house with no high fructose corn syrup or other bad for you things.  All the burgers are made with local Tennessee beef and most everything on the menu speaks to being farmed locally which is the newest fad of course in all dining.  But, one that I'm willing to jump on board with.

With so many things to choose from, I thought I'd try the Cheese Burger which comes with a blend of 3 cheeses, yellow cheddar, swiss and muenster cheeses blended with tomato and garlic aioli.  yum, right?  It was delish!

I also thought I'd try a maraschino cherry phosphate.  Yum!  This was light and just sweet enough with a hint of cherry and a very light pink hue.  A perfect bubbly drink which satisfied my craving.  I'd recommend it to anyone.

The burger was amazing.  Just cheesy enough, just the right size.  Not too thick or too heavy.  The grease factor was definitely lower than others and I love that their buns aren't too big.  Crazy but they weren't all bread.  Just a bit of bread with my burger.  Perfect for me.

I had the sweet potato fries with my burger and those were great too.  My husband had the tots and those were perfectly crisp and not a bit of sogginess to be found.  He had the Mission City Burger which is a tex mex style with guacamole, black beans and pico.  He said it was awesome too. So good that I didn't get a bite.  Though he was thankful to have had the sauce on the side.

It is a great place to go for a good burger.  Kid friendly as well and mom and dad can have a good time too.  It was too noisy in there which could have been a problem with the open floor plan and old industrial ceilings, etc.

Check it out when you get the chance.  Here is a link to their Facebook page.

And, check it out here:
The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden on Urbanspoon

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