Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Be Creative: Easy Valentine's Decor

I was in the mood this week after my Hot Stuff Tea Party and thought I should add some color to my living room.  So, I decided I'd make some garland.

This is really simple and I'm sorry but I'm probably not too specific.  It's really just that simple.  I took some twine I had (about 75 inches?  measure where you want it and allow some hang room) and used an upholstery needle.  I then folded red and pink papers to make those little hearts you did in Elementary school.  I love that they're different sizes, shapes and all.

I cut out a bunch and then just started threading them.  Make sure to go the same direction every time (from front to back or back to front).  I also made sure I held the hearts the same way (where they folded open towards me).  Don't know if that makes a difference but I wanted to make sure it would hang nice.  When I needed more, I just went and made more until there were enough, spaced like I liked them.

I'm sure you could be more sophisticated but I just used tape to secure them to the fireplace.  I then made more and sprinkled them around.  Just really for color.  I really like it and it adds the bit of color that I wanted.  I'm realizing that I have no Valentine's Day decorations.  And why would I?  But, the last few years I've tried thinking of it as love in all ways and I'm so thankful for my family and my daughter that I've decided I want her to happily celebrate it and not be hung up if she doesn't have a "date" etc.  I could do without the holiday on one hand, but then again why shouldn't we celebrate the love in our lives?  It's all about love right?  Just not as greeting cards have led us to believe.  ha.

Soapbox over.  Add some love to your life.  And, some color!

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