Friday, January 20, 2012

New Table Cloth

I have the sweetest little table from when I was a kid.  My wonderful Father in Law did an amazing reno job on it and it looks like a brand new item.  I love it.  I am using it in Madi's playroom right now and because it's gorgeous wood (and so is the entire room) I thought maybe we should cover it.  Not that I really want to.  But, I think it's important to add some color.

Since it is right up against the windows and my hippy floral curtains, I didn't want it to clash too terribly so I found a subtle little print that I really like.  Yellow is soft enough right there and leaves me the freedom to add brighter tones in other areas.

I'm still new to sewing, so bear with me.  I grabbed one yard of fabric.  That's all.  Basically figured out how I wanted it to hang on the table and stuck with the full yard.  Went to my trusty iron and ironed all the edges down and inch.  I eventually chose  to roll the inch hem under to make a 1/2 inch hem and the rough ends are safely tucked away from further fraying.  It worked perfectly!

Got back to my table.  My new cool little old sewing table from my Mother in Law Susan (thanks, Mom).  It was nice to have everything ready to go and just to turn on the machine and go for it.  And, that's what I did.  I'm still new to this and sometimes my line got wobbly, but I stuck with it and eventually was done.  I think it looks great.

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