Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Knits: Turkish Bed Socks

I've looked before for patterns for slippers. Have you made any before? I thought it could be fun and a nice thing to have. I normally start out looking for patterns to see if I can make it myself. It helps me see the tricky parts or how it's done. Then I can usually just do my own thing. Well I found two patterns that I thought were cute but nobody had it for free. So I bought my first PDF pattern. Crazy but true.

I was really excited to work on something for myself over the holiday. I've spent so much energy this year on others and work. When I vacation I kind of like to knit for myself. I don't do it enough these days. And this would be perfect. Enter, Turkish Bed Socks. Not a sexy title but I thought they looked awesome. And I've never used such thin yarn. I always make heavier socks.

The pattern was easy enough to read. In my last Christmas shopping trip I picked up some sock yarn (which I've never used before) in a really fun variegated look. It wasn't what the pattern called for but I thought I'd try it. I started my socks while at home for Christmas and it moved along quickly enough. I didn't have much time but in three sittings I had finished my first one. I finished the other after returning home and am happily wearing them today.

The fit is okay. They are supposed to be small so they fit tightly but mine feel a little loose and slip down some. But they are cozy, cute and warm. I will say that one has some messed up seaming and the other got messed up at the end. I had to unravel some and then regroup where I thought the round began. Needless to say they're a little off. Ugh. But this is what I love about doing new patterns.

I love the learning. What did I learn?
1- Mattress seam: isn't too hard and I actually think it's cool and fun to do.

2- Kitchener stitch: such a cool way to do up the toe. It's basically seamless and I have no idea how someone figured out that seaming like that would look like that. Awesome. And now I can't wait to make a pair of socks and try it instead of my 3 needle bind off.

3- like all else in life knitting isn't black and white. I always think there is one way and I wanna know it. Truth is there are too many ways and I could make up my own so long as the end result is the same. Crazy.

4- finally, I should always do one sock as "Practice" for the stitches and techniques. Then use my chosen yarn and make my pair. Otherwise I always end up with a full pair that has flaws on them but isn't that what knitting is about?

I do want to have a look at the actual yarn called for and possibly buy some to make another pair. Just to see the difference if there is one. I could possibly use a bit more length. Ha. Should measure my foot next time. I love these. And I have to say it is so cool to wear around something so basic as a sock and think "I made these". Fun.

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  1. Love your Retro Mod Turkish Bed Socks pattern. Will be awesome if you could please mail me your version of the pattern. My email add: tHaNk yOu So mUcH.


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