Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Knits: iPhone Case

So, I have also knit an iPhone case.  I love these.

I'll tell you I've wanted to knit one forever.  But, I got the iPad and the need for me to have one of those came first.  So, that's where I went.  But, I finally got to make one of these and I decided to try and sell them.  Check out my Etsy site if you're interested.

This was a pretty simple knit.  I did do it in the round.  And, got to use my newest cast off method I learned from the Turkish Bed Socks I did.  The kitchener stitch.  I love it and think it works easily and simply.

The same as the iPad.  It's not your ultimate protection but you can throw it in any bag and fish it back out safely.  Ha!  I use mine over my cover so it's not in place of.  But, you could always try it that way.

Fun, eh?  I like coming up with new things.


  1. I love this case. Perhaps its because I have a passion for sewing! I can see how this case will appeal to a lot of us. Nevertheless, a great and unique style.

    1. Thanks so much. Just finished one in orange and purple. I appreciate the feedback.


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