Friday, January 13, 2012

iPad 2 love

I got an iPad for Christmas.


I have to say I love it. I'm still getting used to the keyboard and what I'm really going to use it for. Ha. But man these apps are awesome. I'm typing to you now on the iPad with my google app. Which was worthless on my phone. I deleted it several times. Then after syncing my iPad it showed up here. Ugh. As one of many apps I had to sort through and figure out if they stayed, went or got replaced by a new one. So glad I looked at this. I can work my blog and my reader from this. I will say that I don't do too much else but this is cool enough for me. So fun.

I hope that if you want one you have one. Or that you will get one soon. So great. I'm happy as can be. Now if only I could find the perfect bag. Ugh. Too much. I'm out.

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