Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Here's to a new year! A new you! A new world!
I don't know about you but I could use it. I'm a work in progress and so is my life so I don't make resolutions or promises about what is going to happen because I'm always surprised myself.
I will say that I have so many creative projects to finish. The playroom is still going. I have sewing projects waiting. I have more ideas of stuff for Knit Click Go. It's insane how my mind gets wrapped around that. Just need more time I suppose. Well, I have a whole new year.
There are many things that need done at home. New stove. New kitchen table. Oh so many things. But one at a time. I'm looking now at my Christmas tree and thinking "what will this room look like next year?". Stephen and I are building our life slowly and I feel that every Christmas picture looks different mostly because the living room is ever evolving. We need new furniture there too. Ha.
And then I go back to work ideas since I'm not planning on winning the lottery this year. Ha. Or should I plan for that too?
Well whatever this year brings, I'm ready. I'm ready for snow, sun. I'm ready for trips, parties, bible studies. I'm ready for friends, encouraging someone, working in the yard. I'm ready for it all. But most importantly, I'm ready to take down this tree....

Happy 2012!

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