Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Refurb 101: Playroom Curtains

I am new(ish) to sewing.  I didn't grow up sewing but I did learn how in Home Ec class in Jr. High.  Of course, I've not done much since then so I'm definitely a novice.

BUT, I am determined to make Madi a fun playroom out of the upstairs den.  I have to work with what we have because I have no current means of renovating since it would basically be a demolition.  Ha.  So, I've decided to go with what we have.  Which is knotty pine paneling.  And, an old yellow futon that I don't know how to recover yet so we're doing a little bit of a "hippy" vibe.  Ha.

I found this great flower pattern and thought it was just right and fun enough for a gal's playroom.  I have really no idea what I'm doing but there were some old curtains up which I believe were made of sheets.  But, I like the open feeling up there.  I want the sun to come in and fill the room so I decided to stay with the same style.  I made all measurements based off of this and only adjusted the height of my ruffle.  And, the amount of ruffles but this was only because I didn't use as much fabric.

I learned a few things:

1-  There really isn't anything to be afraid of.  If you make a mistake, you CAN fix it.

2-  Ironing is everything.  Man, I almost didn't sew after I saw how perfect it made it look.

3-  I have real issues cutting fabric correctly.  I made so many mistakes that I almost had to scrap one set of curtains.  (don't look closely or you will see that one set has barely any hem at ALL!!!)

I write this to encourage you to try.  It really went quickly.  Well, after all the ironing.  It's like priming, not fun but necessary.

I love the look.  I will have to post newer photos later and will as this saga continues.  But, note the wooden kitchen is now yellow.  See that story here.

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