Monday, December 5, 2011

Music Monday: Coal Train SWINGS! out NOW

Hey there.
I'm here to talk about a great stocking stuffer for kids of all ages.  Coal Train Railroad SWINGS!
We just got our physical copy yesterday (yeah!).  I have to tell you that the packaging is divine.  It's worth the money just for that.  It looks like a vintage LP (with even a worn in cover look with an album imprint-love).
Katy and Chris have done a superb job of looking into the world of a child AGAIN with this album.  It's got lots of fun, good (no, amazing) music and just fun lyrics and ideas.  Such great imaginative stuff that your child will definitely be able to relate to.
I'm Diggin' Me is an awesome way to start.  Superheroes, coolness, beware.  There's a whole song about dirt.  That's right.  Who doesn't love dirt.  Also, with a box is lots of fun.  So many things to do with a box, right?  Who hasn't ever spent a day with a box?  Do it again is all about the fun of doing things over and over.  Like the slide.  Tons of fun, right?  And if you're a parent you definitely know the annoyance of "again".  OR as my daughter says, "one more".  It's fun musically as it gets faster and faster.  My daughter just twirls and twirls to it.  I love the song I Hab a Code.  All about having a code and how funny you sound.  Sung so wonderfully by Katy including a "Sneeze and Wheeze Chorus".  No kidding.

This is definitely a must have for the holiday season.  Go get yours quick!
Coal Train Railroad

Also, for a special interview with the band, check this out:  Interview

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