Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Shopping #1

Hey there.
I know everyone is shopping right now.
Thought I'd let you know that I have a lot of stuff up right now at my Etsy site.

So if you need something for anyone, really, check it out.
Also, I'll be at a Crema Christmas next Saturday all afternoon.  It's at Crema and there will be @ 10 vendors total.  Come see what crafty things are out there for you to snatch up.  And grab some coffee because it's going to charity that day!  Great afternoon out to support local artisans and families in need!

You can even look at my favorites on my Etsy and my circle to find more amazing artists to purchase from.  Buying handmade will always guarantee a unique gift.

Happy Shopping.

Oh!  And, be sure to enter my latest giveaway for a great stocking stuffer for any kid.  "The Little Drummer Boy" by Veggie Tales.

And, stay tuned.  Another Christmas giveaway is on the way!!!!
no hints..

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