Friday, December 30, 2011

Get Organized?

I can already feel that clean out and organize bug?  What is that anyway?  It's like a new year comes along and we suddenly feel like purging everything and cleaning and organizing and doing it again.  So weird, right?

I finally reorganized my pantry.  It's not a big one and lets say this won't be the last time.  I reorganize every few years when I decide I don't use certain items as much, find new treasures for storing or just get bored and need to create SOMETHING!

Here are some shots of what I did:

 Overall, it looks pretty good, right?  My dried beans and grains were growing out of control and I felt I had full access to sauces, oils, etc. but didn't need it.  So, I moved all of those around and even reorganized the baking shelf.  We make our own bread and all those supplies can be overwhelming so I needed to be able to access them quickly.  More quickly than certain spices, vanilla and candles, let's say.  Ha.  And, that was an addendum by my husband.  Thanks, honey for bugging me.  Oh!  And, please know that the bag of candy is leftover from Halloween and will be donated to the studio very soon.  So, no worries about my New Year's diet.  Ha.

We organize to the floor here because we have to utilize every inch we have.  There is an entire row in the back too because we have an oddly deceptive pantry.  It has no back and you can see into our laundry.  I don't know what genius designed it but please know that I'm well aware that a warm, humid place is NOT the best for pantry items.  I try my hardest.  But, you have what you have.  Unless you'd like to donate @ $20,000 for the all new kitchen we need?  NO?  K then..

I hope that the bug has bit and you'll get to cleaning.  Let me know what is the biggest spot in your house that needs the big Momma tackle?  We all have them.  Please share..

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  1. I wish you a year full of achievements in 2012 on all levels!


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