Monday, November 21, 2011

Tutu 2 Party

Madison just turned 2.   I can't believe it!  But, we had to come up with something for the party.  I started thinking of Madi's favorite things.  She loves to dance, wear her tutu.  She loves U2, Ting Tings, cake, etc.  So a dance party seemed like the perfect idea.

I had to come up with an invitation and first I drew a "madi".  Took a few tries but I got one I liked, uploaded it to the computer and started playing with it.  When printed there was something flat about it and it needed a pop.  So, I thought of making tutus for the gal.  After that, the ideas were flying!

Invitations come first of course.
Everything was printed inside and out on the computer.  Then, the girl was placed on with foam sticker squares for the 3D effect.  Love these!

The tutu was made by cutting strips of tulle and simply with a needle, threading through the top until it gathered together.

I then glued it on the gal with Fabri Tac.  Simple!  I just always tried to keep it bunched up as much as possible.  I also cut the fabric while folded so I was always dealing with double, so you know.  That way I could fluff the layers later.
It was tons of fun and I think it was the perfect fit.  I bought other colors later to add to other girls, cover the table and use on the gift table.  I had a "tutu station" in the living room where a mix of Madi's favorite stuff was blasting for dancing.  The tutu station had some tutus, jewelry and instruments for everyone to have fun with.  

We also had apple spice cake muffins with browned butter frosting.  yum! I sprinkled them with pretty pastel sugars so everything was light and dreamy.

It was fun, easy and truly cheap.  I think I only spent money on stamps and @ $8 in tulle.  Of course, if you don't have cardstock and envelopes, it could cost you that.  Luckily, I have tons of that on hand.  AND, I love making cards.  There are lots of cute options online and at places like Shutterfly.  My issue was that so many options of decor to buy were princess or ballet dancer more.  Though I'd love Madi to take ballet someday, this was not a ballerina party.  So, doing it myself just made more sense.  

Happy Birthday, Baby!

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