Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Refurb 101: Sunny Kitchen

I have been slowly moving us into the upstairs since the studio moved out.  It's still a long ways off but we need much more to make it comfortable so that does take time.

I've been doing lots of thrifting for things.  Scrounging garage sales and running madly through the fabric aisles at JoAnns just trying to make us feel at home upstairs.  One project has been the middle room upstairs.  It's sort of a den but is open to the downstairs.  I've decided to make it a play area for Madi.  We have an old futon that is a 60s yellow and I'd like to recover it someday.  Someday as in when I learn how exactly to do that.  Oh, and when my sewing gets much better.  So, when I have the time to teach myself how to sew better, practice a ton and then someday find fabric to actually cover the futon.

As you can see, it's probably gonna be with us for awhile.  So I decided to go with it.  The entire room is wood anyway.  Wood floors, accents and paneling.  So, we are going to have a bit of a "hippy chic" feel to her room.  Sounds fun, so here we go.

This is a cute little kitchen that was given to us by dear friends.  It was okay as is, really.  There is the salt and pepper drawn onto the shelf.  The crayon marks everywhere.  It was very loved and lived in.  I don't usually paint wooden things.  I like to just have them stained.  But, with the all wood room upstairs, I just had to.  So, here is my first stab at spray painting furniture.

After lots of sanding and removing things, I applied my first coat of primer.  Lets just say I bought more and had to keep applying the primer. My least favorite part because it took a lot and forever.  BUT, after that, the color part was fun.  Only took a couple of cans and I actually left the knobs with just the primer.  I finished it up by sanding areas to make it look lived in or "retro mod".  ha!

I love it.  Madison loves it.  And, I'm really proud of myself for getting dirty and getting it done.  The original was sweet but the finished is just to die for!  Love it.

I hope this encourages you.  My pal Wendy as I've told you before says "oh, that'll be great with some paint on it".  So, that's my encouragement.  Got a piece that you don't like anymore?  Put some paint on it.

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