Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Blowout

Hey all.
Happy Halloween.  Hope you had a great and safe holiday.  We had our annual Halloween bash at our house and it was lots of fun.  Madison wasn't herself and not nearly the cute Dalmatian she had planned for but we had fun none the less.

This was our 9th year.  I can't believe it.  What to do for the big 10?  I have NO idea.  And no brain power left to think about it.  Ha.

There are always new things added but the best part is the food.  No, the pictures.  No, the costumes.  Ah!!  I love it all.

I used to provide all food and as the party grew (and our family) I decided to let others bring food if they could and I have to say there is always more than enough and it's actually fun to eat others' tasty treats.  Mixes it up a bit more.  OR, I get excited about someone's goods and can't wait until they show up.  Gives me even more to look forward to, right?

We take pictures every year.  The thing that is so fun is that everyone knows and they really get into it and try to outdo themselves from previous years.  Which is fun.  We have a wall of all the past costumed guests that I call the "Ghosts of Halloween Past".  Everyone seems to love it and they come to see it every year.  You can always bring a friend and show them how crazy you looked last year.  OR years ago.  And, it shows how the kiddos grow, too.  I love it and am really proud of the idea.  It's definitely become a fave of the guests too.

We have a fire pit so folks can stay warm outside.  The Great Pumpkin, Ghostbusters and Young Frankenstein on repeat set about the place and there is always a fun mix of Spooky tunes.  I do have one Halloween cd I purchased.  But, I've just done a fun search for related terms.  "devil", "witch", "crazy", "psycho", "spooky", "graveyard", "kill", "dead", etc.  It's turned up a fun mix and even this year I got compliments.  Thank you, very much!

I tried to label my food fun this year, too.  Made sure to make them look spooky and all.  Like my "Rotten Apple Cake".  I put plastic spider rings around and have a bowl of them for guests.  Also, I have little trick or treat bags for the kids to snatch with candy, toys and fun inside.  I think they're perfect.

Guests know kids are welcome and it's BYOB.  I love that they help and bring to share.  It's just so great to see their generosity, kindness and sense of fun.  Everyone loves the whole thing.  The costumes are always so creative.  And, sometimes so that I don't have any idea what they are.  Right over my head.  I'm such a loser.  We are NEVER the best costume out there and I kind of love that.  Relieves the pressure.  Ha.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.  Hope it inspires you in any party creating.  And, I hope that you had a Happy Halloween.

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