Monday, October 31, 2011

Wild October

Crazy??? But true!

My Cardinal Red was showing this week and I had such a blast watching the World Series.  I love my Cardinals and luckily they somehow went from nowhere close to capturing their own division title to get the League title and eventually a World Series ring.  Crazy. Yes.

But, just a typical year for the Cardinals.  They always seem to have this "last minute" sensibility.  Yeah, we had a rough year but let's pull it together right when it counts.  Of course, causing their fans to have ulcers and heart palpitations but I guess that makes us stronger.

I don't take for granted that I grew up in St. Louis.  I don't take for granted that the city is a HUGE baseball town no matter how many folks don't really seem to give them the credit they're due.  That credit is saved for other big city teams like the Yankees (yuck) and the Dodgers.  Red Sox and the Cubs (what?).  But, St. Louis has now had the title 11 times which is only outdone by the Yankees.  And, believe me I don't take for granted that I've watched my home team take the title 3 times in my lifetime.  Yeah, that's right.  Imagine being a Cubs fan who has lived their whole life to NEVER see that.  Can't.  And, don't wanna.

Nope, I'll keep it the way it is.  I'm from a town of great baseball.  Of great baseball fans that will cheer when the other team makes an amazing play.  That will cheer for any team member that gets injured.  That will give standing ovations to beloved team members that leave us and show up in our town to compete against us.  It's always been that way.  This town just loves the game.  And, boy did we get to see a game!  One of the best games ever of all time.  And afterwards, they can celebrate all night with no riots, no deaths, no madness.  Just fun (and maybe a mess or two to clean).

Go Cards!  Go St. Louis!  Go Freese!  Go Pujols!  Go Carpenter!  Go Yadi!

I love this town and I love Cardinal Nation.

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