Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Treasured Etsy

I just thought I'd take a moment to talk about Etsy.
I love the thought of Etsy.  The supporting of local people, small businesses trying to make a living for themselves.  It's great.  I also love the art folks come up with.

I didn't pay much attention before to Treasuries.  But, I have been lately since some of my stuff has been featured in some.  Crazy, but it's an art in itself.  People actually comb the site for great looking items and basically group them together by some type of theme:  color, item, holiday, audience, etc.  It's really amazing how some of these are all pulled together.  People go through and favorite treasuries, view them and they're basically voting.  Sometimes they are chosen to be featured on Etsy but even besides that, they are just created for the art.  Crazy.

Anyway, check out the one above.  Very cute, right?  And, they are artistic in their own right.  Also, check out my site.  I have so many Fall and Halloween items and it's getting really close.  If you want anything in time for the holiday, you better get crackin'.

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