Monday, October 3, 2011

Music Monday: Coal Train Railroad SWINGS!

Hey there.  Well, you've heard me rave about Coal Train Railroad before here and here.   But now I had the rare opportunity to ask Coal Train's Chris Donohue some questions about their upcoming release, "Coal Train Railroad SWINGS!"

Yeah!  My first real interview..  Let's See.

RMM:  What are you excited about for this release?
Chris:  We now have a business infrastructure, web presence, band history, gig network, and an audience to write for - none of which we had last time.  Having built this project from the ground up, we feel that we can approach the release of this album being much more prepared than we were last time.

RMM:  What will be different on this one than the others?
Chris: All the gigs we've done over the last year have definitely shaped our writing.  From the time we start working on a new song, we're very conscious of the need to make it as open to group participation as possible.  We do still write songs to please ourselves musically and make ourselves laugh - but the more we can arrange them for a crowd setting, the more fun they are to play live.

RMM:  Please say there are more podcasts in our future!!!
Chris:  We'd certainly be up for it.  They're very time-consuming to produce, though, and as busy as Katy and myself have been personally it may still be a little while before we can get to more podcasting.  Maybe..

RMM:  Are there any guest performers that you can tell us about?
Chris:  TBD

RMM:  Are there any upcoming shows?
Chris:  Musician's Corner in Centennial Park in Nashville on October 22!

Ah.  Well, a lot learned and much anticipation for new Coal Train music.  Coming from a mum who listens to it every day, I really can't wait!  (ha)
But, I can tell you there is the podcast, the EP, and some great videos online.  Check out their trip to NYC and Lincoln Center.

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