Thursday, October 13, 2011

I love yarn! Do You?

Just in time for the cooler breezes comes I Love Yarn Day!  Today, in anticipation, I bought my first yarn of the Fall.  With the intention of making some scarves.  Woot!  Of course, mine might be for selling but it doesn't matter!  I was still in the spirit of things.

I hope that you share your love of yarn and all things yarn like.  Go to the official site for inspiration or to host some sort of yarn event.  Or like on Facebook.  If I didn't have 5 other parties going on in the next month, I would have had a "Yarn Ball".  Oh well, maybe next year.

But, I do hope that maybe you'll at least wear some yarn, carry some yarn, use some yarn.  Or, take some to work, the coffee house, campus, wherever!  Show everyone your love.

Have a great day.  And try not to unravel..

(roll of the eyes..  okay I'll stop with the yarn puns.)

Yarn over.
(okay, now!)

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