Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy 4-0!

Not for me.

My honey turned 40 this year.  We celebrated with a quaint party at one of our favorite places, Richie's.

He was gracious enough to let us take over the back end of the shop and we made a mess with cake, kids and all kinds of craziness.  I made a cake and brought it along.  I even made a sign to "spruce" up the place.  Ha.  Stephen's choice was yellow cake with chocolate frosting (boring).  But, I made it from scratch and it was pretty good.  Madi helped (with her new "me help").  Before I even had everything together, she was already climbing up the stool to sit and watch me make the icing.  Crazy.

Thanks to all our friends who made it out.  It's a little off the beaten path and was a last minute deal.  Thanks to you all.  Stephen and I feel very blessed to know you.

Happy 40, honey.  Don't worry, mine is coming soon.

(check out more about Richie here:  Blog)

French fries

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