Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Refurb 101: Babe

So, I am determined to start doing some refurb in my lifetime.  Yeah, old tables, chairs, etc.  I've done a few things before and told you about them on my old blog.  Now here's the start of the latest projects.

Might be misleading but my most recent refurb was my old doll "Babe".  Yeah, I've had her since I was @ 1 and she's been packed away for years.  But, I recently found her when going through old boxes and now that I have Madi I just didn't have the heart to pack her back up.  I figured either she'll play with these things or I should give them away.  Here is what I found:

Um, yeah..  She was pretty scary, right?  I've always know her to have sky high hair and she's messy on the face due to the fact she survived a fire in my old apartment.  Ha.

So, I decided to find out about the doll.  Turns out her original name is "Baby Ann" and she originally looked like this:

Yeah, that was a far cry from where we were.  She was one of the first Fisher Price Soft "Little Girl" dolls.  Pretty cool.  I actually had a collectible on my hands.  Though she was in no shape for a parade.  Afraid to throw her in the wash, I decided to wet and comb through her mass of hair.  Wow.  It actually did work, oddly enough.  But I have to say, that "lift" is never gonna go.  Ha.

But, I soaked her in Oxi Clean (and her clothes).  I only needed to repair her diaper a bit and she was clean and good to go.  Not too bad I have to say for a 37 year old doll.  These were made in 1974 and I believe I got mine Christmas of that year.  Anyway, Madi loved her grimy and loves her more now.  Madi made sure she got acquainted with EVERYTHING.
Playing with magnets, hugging, posing
Being read to, reading alone and riding in the basket

Overall, it was a success.  She still loves "baby" but she does drag her around by the hair.  Enlightening myself to the probability of how her hair got so crazy in the first place...

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