Monday, September 5, 2011

My First Giveaway Clarification

So it has come to my attention that nobody has even tried to win my giveaway.  This had me confused because I like getting free things and I thought you did too.  So here is what I'm wondering...

Are we on the same page?  Did I confuse you with my babbling?

Here goes a little more information and hopefully it'll make sense to you.

1- I am NOT giving away my sweet canvas print of Madi's little hand over the violas.  As I realize how cute it is (to me) I have no plan of giving this to you to hang in your home.  And, I don't really care to know where you'd put it.

2- I AM giving away your own free, personalized canvas print.  The folks at Easy Canvas Prints are willing to let you go on their site through a special link created FOR YOU to go in, upload your own photo and create your own canvas print.  Free!!  An 8x10 of your family, kid, dog, anything you want!!

I am simply the means by which you win this.  I hope this makes more sense.  BUT, to enter, I WILL direct you to the original post here!

Enter please and enjoy the free print.  It's really fun.  And it's FREE!

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