Friday, September 30, 2011

My Bag

Well, if you follow my blog, make sure and check out the "in stitches" section in the sidebar.  You'll see a shot of something fun in the works.  This was my last one.

A nice looking bag if I do say so myself.

This was a pattern from Lion Brand.  The Green Living Tote.  I love it.  I found the pattern years ago and set out to make one.  Didn't happen.  I finally ordered the yarn in the green and made one for a friend.  It was a bit of a disaster.  Very much a learning thing but I took it out I don't know how many times and did it over and over.  But, it finally came out (with a lot of wounds I pointed out to her but gave it anyway..).

Well, this time was different.  It went pretty painlessly and I was just so excited.  I will use it for the market and other things.  When I wanna just toss stuff in a bag, I'm sure.  I extended the handle a bit to make it longer.  When you do the finishing on the handle, it seems to shrink it in a bit.  Oh well.

{CONFESSION CORNER:  K.  So, the handle is crooked for some reason.  I counted the right number of cast offs and 1/2 way through realized it didn't square up with the bottom.  Don't care.  Done.  But, still wanted you to know I'm not perfect.  As if it were up for discussion.}

1 comment:

  1. LOL, probably most of the things I knit have hidden "eccentricities" about them. There's no shame in that. We're human after all. Plus, the bag looks really nice! I've been meaning to make one.


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