Friday, September 16, 2011

Etsy Success at last! And some Treasuries...

Recently my shop at Knit Click Go has had some success.  Not a ton but at least I've sold some stuff.  Yeah!

I even had products put into 2 treasuries.  yeah!  I think it's cool because the treasury is an art piece itself as people pick and choose items and put them together in a really cool looking way.  Check it out.

I'm excited that I have more stuff coming.  I'm trying to squeeze it all in between knitting some new stuff for myself and sewing some stuff for the first time ever.  yikes!  I'm getting sleepy thinking about it.  Of course, that's probably just the cold medicine talking.  Yeah, I'm sick too.  ugh.

Anyway, just wanted to encourage you to check out my Etsy site and subscribe so you can keep posted on what's going up new as the Holiday season approaches.  Also, you can "like" my Facebook page.  Over to the right here, I have a link to do that.  It's where I keep you posted and you can see my store there too.  Because I'm all connected like that.  ha.

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