Sunday, August 21, 2011

Water Fun

This summer has been hot.  And yet I've been out in it more than usual.  Thanks to having a toddler.  Crazy.
I am usually much more content inside cool, dry and clean.  But, I've been forced out much more often due to my nature loving toddler.  Amazing how she doesn't even notice the sweat.  Oh to be that way again..
We bought a tiny little wading pool.  She loves it because there are fishies in the bottom and she can make her fishy sound with her mouth.  And because she can throw rocks, leaves, sticks, everything inside.
I will say that I've been having fun with wind up toys.  She loves them and I love the ones now for water.  How fun is that, right?  I think it's tons of fun.  Love them swimming, spitting water.  For some reason that brings back tons of memories for me of being a kid.  Nothing better than those little guys and I'm glad Madi loves them so.
Hope you're keeping cool this weekend.  We are trying.

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