Tuesday, August 9, 2011

To Plant or Not to Plant..

Sometimes I wonder if I really WANT to do some of these things or if I just think, "I can do that" and I seek out to prove myself.
I think I want to plant a garden.  Small at first.  I have about a 6 foot by 3 foot area for a raised bed close to the kitchen for right now.  Might expand later when I truly earn a green thumb.  I've been container gardening for years now and I do like it and I don't.  I have to admit that I forget to water sometimes.  I don't like weeding (ugh) and I don't like bugs.  I wonder if this means I should just trust the experts.  Yet something inside says "come on.  it's not that hard"
So is it?  Those of you with gardens please chime in.  Tell me your thoughts, resources, fun ideas. I wanna hear it.
Right now I'm chasing a squirrel away from my blackberry bush.  Jerk. It's covered in bird netting and all and this squirrel thinks he's gonna get the few berries I have.  And don't tell me about the need for water theory.  There's a creek in our backyard.
Bottom line is I think a garden could be fun.  I think Madi would LOVE playing in the dirt and she already likes eating my basil and blackberries.  So, I just can't imagine what could be better.  Help.


  1. oh Lauri, you are great at all things you decide to put your mind to. This will be another of those wonderful adventures.
    My advice is simple. You first want to focus on your soil. Soil is crucial to a successful crop. You are choosing to build a raised bed and with this you have total control over the soil. Research how composting can benefit your soil. And add your composting system to your overall cost for your building project.
    Set aside a few consecutive days that you can watch the sun as it shines on your garden area. Knowing how the sun light hits your area and for what length of time, will effect what type of crops you should choose to grow.
    Once you have distinguished your sunshine and what crops grow better in that light, your next step will be to lay out your garden plan. Different crops benefit by growing together. The way you plot your garden can help with bugs and weeds believe it or not.
    I am so excited for you and your green thumb adventures. I have so many books you can borrow if you want! Good luck and can not wait to come over and enjoy some of your crop when its time to harvest!


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