Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Retro Mod Thrifting

This weekend I finally did some thrifting.  I know nothing about what I'm doing, where I'm looking or what I'm looking at half the time but I went with some masters.  Retro lovers, true hippies at heart, antique and vintage collectors.  These gals have a definite eye for what to grab.

Now to be honest, I'm not looking just for anything.  I'm really looking for nothing.  I don't collect and my house has so many "needs" that I have to be careful to just buy stuff and throw it somewhere.  I would really like a cheap deal and have an idea of what I'm gonna do with it.  So that doesn't mean there is a ton out there for me but I know that the more I look, the more I will find.

Yeah!  Found this but didn't buy.  
My friend Wendy Lee (click here for her cool blog) is one of these rare folks that can see what can be done with something.  Of course through all the mounted heads, electric chairs, cobbler wares and glass jars there were very few things that wouldn't be better off with "some spray paint in a fun color".  That basically became our mantra.  We are a sad lot.
I'm just starting to get into the idea of "upcycling" things and already have some to start so I don't wanna buy a bunch of stuff that will live in the garage.  But, Wendy has a booth so she can play.

I'm excited to report that by the 4th or 5th stop I finally made a purchase.  I bought a cute table for Madi for $8.  Not too bad.  And, I might someday paint it but it is livable for now and that is just what I needed.  No chairs but it's perfect height for her to stand.  Wish I could say this was just the beginning but it was basically all.

Wendy Lee won for the most spent.  I don't think she left any stop empty handed.  And, we had to drop off once at her place.  Awesome.  Between my table and her chairs we probably could have had lunch outside but we opted for a cool little pub and had some fried pickles.

So, there you have it.  Finding the new in the old.  Field trip #1 done!  Now, on to the next!

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