Friday, August 12, 2011

My shopping buddy

It's amazing how fun and frustrating it can be having to run errands with Madi.  I'm never alone which could be good and bad as well.  But, this is about the good times..

Now that she can get around and about on her own there are just some times I let her loose.  She loves it and sometimes takes advantage.  But, she is pretty good for the most part.  Right now we are trying to learn what "glass" means and not to touch it.  She'll get it soon enough.

This photo (they were all blurry.. sorry) was on a recent shoe shopping excursion.  She just wouldn't stop picking up shoes and trying them on.  One pair down and she'd move on to another.  I kept running behind putting everything back in order but she enjoyed pulling them down, getting them on and walking.  I enjoyed the "click clack" sound she made attempting to get somewhere.

I did buy a cute pair of heels and she has since had them on at least 5 times "click clack" ing around the place.  It's awesome how excited she is about them and how much she likes them.  Trying on whatever she can find.  She gets around pretty good on the heels.  I heard her the other day and she made it from one end of the house to the other.  Insane.  Probably better than me.  Watch out!

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