Thursday, August 4, 2011

Estate Sale Envy

Well, I've gotten a little addicted.  I will say I'm not buying so much as browsing, obsessing and being a little crazy.  I have started going to estate sales.  And, what could be more fun?  Madi seems to have fun, we run around trying to get to where we really want to see and we stress about the price.  Crazy.
I have been to a few and I haven't gotten those really great deals I'm always seeing on tv and I'm not finding super cool stuff.  But, I did score some wooden bowls that were actually made by the man who lived at the home and some other little things he made.  Madi got a free toy and I actually use the bowls currently on my display table when I do craft fairs.  I feel nice knowing that I'm displaying someone else's work as well as my own.
So what am I looking for?  Don't know.  There is the usual look for empty canning jars.  I'm a sucker for those.  Next on the list is probably furniture, stuff for Madi, craft items and books.  Other things might catch my eye but I'm not a collector so I want things we can use.
I watch the show Cash and Cari and I see how many deals she gives.  I love it.  But, my experience hasn't been the same.  I went to one a week ago and it was actually the 2nd time for the same sale within a month. The link said "everything must go by 5pm on Saturday".  At 3:30 I offered to buy something and she stopped haggling over $4.  Really?  You're gonna lose the sale with an hour left and a house full of crap??  For the 2nd time??  Ugh.  Well, I walked out and felt remorse right away.  But, I will say that I feel none now.  It was the right thing to do.  I didn't have a place in mind to put it, the color was unique and it was a corner piece so you can't just stick it "anywhere".  I'm happy with my decision.  Hope cranky estate sale lady is.
Anyway, how about you?  Have a fave find?  Would love to know and I wanna know what kind of deal you got.  I need inspiration or I'm going to stop going.  (Yeah right!  I plan to be at one bright and early tomorrow.)

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