Thursday, July 14, 2011

U2 Again

So, I did see U2 in Nashville.  Awesome.  What a great show.  Just the stage is enough to keep you glued and curious all night.  You're constantly wondering what exactly they're going to do next.  Everything moving and all.  Actually, as I write this, I'm realizing that they didn't really take a break either.  Out there all night, running, singing, screaming, cheering, making us think, laugh, dance.  Crazy.
Well, this weekend I'm going to see them again in St. Louis.  No we aren't as big of stalkers as this sounds.  There was a Christmas gift malfunction and we ended up with tickets to both shows.  Could be worse.  Could have gotten pink furry pjs with bunny ears, right?
It will be nice but I have to say I'm a little nervous.  It will be hot.  It was horribly hot here and I know we will be that way again.  And, yesterday I fell and sprained my foot somehow.  Not fun.  I'm bandaged up and icing it all day.  Ugh.  Can't walk so well.  Not only will I NOT look cute while I'm hot and sweaty but I will have to do some major walking on this bad boy very soon. Ugh.
Oh well.  Such is the life.  It will be a nice night out of good music and we will be with family that we really don't see that often.  It will be fun.  I promise.  And, if anything, we'll have some funny pictures of me in a wheelchair or something.
Now, if someone will just tell Bono that there is an invalid in the building. Wouldn't mind limping up on stage for a bit.

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